Time Lapse is a segment that has been used in the show for something else other then The Ten Second Tidy.

Episodes used segment in/whenEdit

  1. Scrub-A-Dub - During the song Slam Dunk Your Junk, Major Bedhead juggles the balls using the junk. And he & Loonette make angry looks while staring at the camera.
  2. Jump Start - Major Bedhead, who's terrified of thunder, Reverse-Jumped into a tree to hide.
  3. Juggling The Jitters - During Auntie Macassar's song in Loonettes letter, Auntie Macassar twirls & dances around.
  4. I Feel Good - Since Major Bedhead had a spare tire from his unicycle, He, Granny Garbanzo & Loonette did some exercises.
  5. Make It Snappy - Loonette gets the music equipment ready for doing some music.
  6. It's About Time - During Loonette's Clock Rug Stretch, she pretends to be a clock.
  7. All Fall Down - In Loonette's letter from Auntie Macassar, As leaves fell off the tree, Auntie Macassar rakes them.
  8. Full Of Life - Loonette decided to take everything out of the couch. And empties the floor a bit after the couch started floating.
  9. Stuck In The Muck - Major Bedhead gets lots of mud off of him by using a small towel after getting all muddy
  10. Clownvitations - In Loonette's letter, After Auntie Macassar proclaims that her guests aren't at her place yet, she ate some banana bread that she made. Until after one last bite, the guests have finally arrived before she realized that she made a mistake.
  11. Nothing To Do - During the song Nothing To Do, Loonette pretends to drive a lawnmower.
  12. Clothes Make The Clown - On a nice Fall day, The gang helps Major Bedhead take off his winter gear because he got too warm.
  13. Ain't It Amazing, Gracie? - In Uncle Chester's side of the memory, He uses a rubber tarp with a small pakage to fly up to the sky and make his own delivery.
  14. Cool It - After Loonette read the letter from Uncle Chester, she was waiting for her pakage until Major Bedhead realized that he forgot it. So he rushed to get it and came back when he was out of breath.
  15. Apple Of My Eye - In Granny's Cabbage Club Cooking School, After some cooking, Granny Garbanzo & Loonette clean up the kitchen.
  16. Slow Down Clown - Loonette does her Clock Rug Stretch super fast. After that, she must have twisted something.
  17. Lost & Found Clowns - After Loonette, Molly & Major Bedhead pulled Uncle Chester out of Loonette's mailbox, Uncle Chester popped out and landed on the ground.


  • Hiccups & Gizmo Shmizmo were the only two episodes that didn't have this segment.
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