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The Ten Second Tidy is a segment that happens at the end of each episode in which Time Lapse is used.

"Hey! Wait a minute! Who made this BIG MESS!?" Loonette


  • In Gizmo Shmizmo, The segment was changed to The Ten Second Vacuum since there were a bunch of ping-pong balls all around the couch.
  • In Floppy!, The segment was The Ten Second Untidy/Tidy in which after there was no mess. So Loonette had to make a mess and clean it up.
  • In Backwards!, The segment was The Ten Second Silly in which the mess was already cleaned up by Loonette. So she had to be silly for 10 seconds.
  • In Rude-I-Culous, One Potato Two Potato, It's the Thought That Counts, Ain't It Amazing, Gracie?, Rub-a-Dub & Shh, Shh, Shh, Quiet!, Molly makes a mess. So Molly does the Ten Second Tidy with Loonette's help, this was a recurring event in the show.
    • In It's the Thought That Counts, both Molly and Loonette make the mess, as it was told by Loonette herself that not only was she involved in the incident, but Molly too, and that they both had to clean it up.
    • Also, in the said episode and Shh, Shh, Shh, Quiet!, Loonette actually knew Molly made the mess when the camera zoomed towards her. Although, before the Ten Second Tidy in Ain't It Amazing, Gracie?, Loonette did see that Molly made the mess but somehow forgot about it until near the end.