Next to Loonette's couch is her dollhouse where the funny Foley family lives.

I love the foley family

Dad, Mom and Andy Foley do not speak, but communicate with their own distinctive sounds that express their ever-changing moods and accentuate their delightful slapstick comedy.

In the episode "I Feel Good," the Foley family can be seen in action. Midway through the episode, Loonette decides to play with the foley family in her doll house. She describes them as having lots of body parts that can bend and pose before noticing that Jim Foley is on the couch but "...he doesn't look too well." Loonette picks Jim up off the couch and decides to put him feet first into a tub.

The scene then crossfades into the life sized version of the Foleys. Jim's symptoms immediately come to the forefront, as he sneezes and shivers on the family couch, shaking so uncontrollably the whole room shakes. Eileen scrambles to and fro in desperate attempts to help him, but Jim rebuffs her. After failing stubbornly to get out of the tub on his own, Jim sneezes and tumbles out of view. Jim looks visibly dazed as Eileen grunts her way through the arduous task of lifting him up over the edge of the upholstery and back onto the couch.

Eileen throws her husbands feet back into the tub that his little stunt failed to get him out of and scurries into the kitchen. Having tried it his way, she returns to the couch with a tea pot. Eileen removes the lid and hands it to a curious Jim. She communicates to him with a series of high pitched squawks and Jim shrugs in agreement. Downing its contents, his red pock marks disappear instantly. Jim, suddenly feeling better, sets the pot down and throws off the blanket, and Eileen joins him in a dance around the couch.

As they celebrate, a loud noise shakes the whole house, and Jim and Eileen stop in their tracks as they look to the door. The door opens and reveals Andy Foley, their son, who steps into view with the same red pock marks that Jim had. Andy wheezes in a sort of sigh and walks towards his parents, who grab his hands just before he sneezes and blasts his parents back several feet. Jim and Eileen scramble back to Andy and look into the camera worryingly before rushing him over to the tub. They lift him up and plop him into the tub as the normally rambunctious teen yelps in submission. They wrap him in the blanket, pouch and put the tea pot in his hands. The episode ends with Jim and Eileen holding Andy gingerly and looking at him affectionately while he stares into the camera.

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