Loonette & Molly
Molly is Loonette's doll. She usually wears treat a blue dress but sometimes she wears a yellow dress. She is about 3 years old. She is friends with the dust bunnies, which Loonette doesn't believe in. Molly is a Picky eater, she loves doughnuts. Molly tends to like to get things HER way, other wise, Molly is Loonette's best friend. Molly learns something everyday. Molly can be mischevious and wise, but sweet. Loonette never gets mad at Molly, not even when she is not listening or lying. Which is a good example. Unlike all dolls, Molly actually moves. But like all dolls, Molly can’t talk but she does have thought bubbles to tell Loonette what she wants.

Molly's FriendsEdit

Molly's best friend is Loonette, but her other friends are: The dust bunnys, Granny, Snicklefritz and Major bedhead. Molly believes Deeply for the Dust Bunnies, Loonette doesn't believe at all. While Molly isn't so in to the Doll house.

Molly and LoonetteEdit

Molly and Loonette have such a far friendship, yet so close. Far that they don't always agree, close because they are always there for each other. Little is known what Molly does when Loonette does the clock stretch, she possibly sits and waits, or do what Loonette tells her, like in Picky Eaters Loonette told Molly to set up a table (Which she did) it is shown Molly really doesn't walk, Loonette carries her. Molly can be very difficult to Loonette, but Loonette and Molly are like this (Crosses fingers).

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